• Gifford Bus Stops:
    1st Stop: S. Main St & Church St.
    2nd Stop: S. Main St. and Summit (Community Building)
    3rd Stop: N. Main St. & RT. 136 (Casey's) 
    4th Stop: N. West St. & North Pointe Dr. 

  • Golfview Bus Stops: 
    1st Stop: E. Perimeter & Pheasant Ridge (Mail Boxes) (Autumn Fields/Pointer Lane/E. Symington/NE Perimeter Rd) 
    2nd Stop: Fairway & Bogey Dr. (Fairway/Bogey Dr./Symington) 
    3rd Stop: Fairway & Birdie 
    4th Stop: St. Andrew Circle & Willow Pond
    5th Stop: St. Andrew Circle & Par Dr. 
    6th Stop: Golfview Rd & Golfview Circle (EAST) 
    7th Stop: Golfview Rd & Golfview Circle (WEST)   
    8th Stop: St. Andrew Circle & Golfview

  • Ludlow & Hobson Dr. Bus Stops:
    1st Stop: N. Hickory & W. Thomas (Hickory/W. Walnut/W. Ludlow/N. Chestnut) 
    2nd Stop: W. Thomas & N. Oak (E. Pera/E. Ludlow/Orange/N. Locust)
    3rd Stop: Hobson Dr- Laundromat
    4th Stop: Hobson Dr.- Round About

  • South Pointe Bus Stops: 
    1st Stop: South Pointe & Marco Dr.
    2nd Stop: South Pointe & Banyan
    3rd Stop: Collier Dr. & Marco Dr.
    4th Stop: W. Frost and Abram Dr. 
    5th Stop: E. Frost and Abram Dr. 

  • Thomasboro Bus Stops:
    1st Stop: N Church & Clark St. ( East side of town)
    2nd Stop: Fire Station
    3rd Stop: N. Thomas St & Clark ( W. Park, W. Clark) 
    4th Stop: Thomas & Morris (Pearl/Morris/N Thomas) 
    5th Stop: Schluter & Meyer (W Rhodes/W Meyer/W Shurbet/N Michael) 
    6th Stop: Park St & S. Schluter St. (W. Park/W. Bergman/W. Clark/W. Ackerman) 
    7th Stop: W. Elmore Dr & S. Jacobsen (W.Shelly/St. Joseph Dr/S Church/W Elmore/S John St/S Jacobson) 
    8th Stop: Fountain Valley Trailer Park