• Welcome to Rantoul Township High School's Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Program.  RTHS takes great pride in preparing students for future success.  This Program helps fulfill this through offering a variety of advanced courses in several content areas.  These courses create opportunity for advanced study across all four levels of high school in a welcoming and supportive environment.  The Program experience encourages students to challenge themselves, refine their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and foster their creativity. 

  • Honors courses at RTHS are offered in the English, Math, Science, and Social Studies content areas.

    Honors courses receive weighted value toward a student's GPA when earning an A, B, or C.  (A=6, B=5, C=4).  

    Current courses offered for Honors include Honors English 1, Honors English 2, Honors Intermediate Algebra, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry 1, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, and Honors U.s. History 1.


  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed as introductory level college courses in their content area.  

    These courses prepare students to take the course's College Board AP Exam at the end of the school year.  Students who are successful on the AP Exam have the opportunity to earn credit or placement at colleges and universities across the country.

    Current courses offered for Advanced Placement include AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP American Government and Civics, and AP U.S. History 2.

    For more information about the College Board's AP Program, click HERE.

    For a list of 2022 AP Exam dates, click HERE. 

    Click HERE to read a new College Board study about the benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses.  

  • Rantoul Township High School, together with Parkland College, offers a variety of classes where students can receive college credit in addition to the credit received at RTHS.  These courses involve no cost to students.  

    Current classes offered for Dual Credit include Entrepreneurship, Keyboarding 2, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, English 4, and FYE 101.

    Dual Credit courses appear on the student's RTHS transcript and Parkland transcript.  

    For more information about Parkland College's Dual Credit program, click HERE.

  • Why do students take advanced classes?

    In Spring 2021, RTHS surveyed students about the Honors/AP course experience. 

    This is what some students said about why they take advanced courses:  

     "I took AP classes to get me prepared for college level courses and possibly earn credit." 
    "I wanted to take them so that I would be more ready for what a college course would be like."   
    "I wanted to take honors classes to push myself and get a good start for college." 
    "I like taking my honors class because I like achieving all that I can and I can show how hardworking I am."
    "I want to learn more and be able to understand things I couldn't before."