• 2021 Graduation

    Why RTHS? 

    RTHS enjoys the demographics of a small urban community in a rural setting. RTHS receives students from 6 different feeder schools creating a diverse student population around 750 students.

    RTHS is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining candidates of diversity. Staffulty enjoys a culture of collaboration that has been established throughout the school. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with a strong work ethic who is focused on student success. RTHS has a strong technology base. Google Suite, Chromebooks, Promethean Boards, and Surface Pros are widely utilized throughout the school. 

    RTHS benefits and salary are regionally competitive in accordance with the current collective bargaining agreement.  The district pays 100% of the employee's health and vision insurance premium.  A voluntary dental plan is available.  A well established teacher mentor program is in place.  RTHS offers tuition assistance for continuing education.   Teachers who work in the district may also be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness.


  • Employment Benefits:

    Health Insurance: Medical Insurance is a paid benefit for the eligible employee only; currently we have Health Alliance. The district will pay 100% of the cost of medical coverage on your behalf.  If you choose to add dependents, the cost of the premium will be deducted from your paycheck twice a month. Contact Human Resources (217) 892-6140 for details.

    Life Insurance: The District provides Basic Life Insurance ($15,000.00) paid by the district for all eligible employees. Additional Life (Voluntary) is also available at employee’s expense.  Contact Human Resources (217) 892-6140 for details.

    Dental Insurance: The district offers dental insurance through “The Standard” at the employee’s expense.  The district does not contribute to this coverage. Contact Human Resources (217) 892-6140 for details.

    Flex Plan: The Flexible Spending Account (or flex plan) allows eligible employees to tax shelter a portion of their income for payment of items such as tax shelter group health, dental and life insurance premiums, medical co-payments, eye exams, glasses, prescription drugs, dependent care expenses and more. BPC handles our Flex Account and is offered the 1st of each October.  Contact Human Resources (217) 892-6140 for details. 

    VSP Vision Insurance: The district pays for 100% of the cost of vision insurance for every eligible employee. Dependents can be added at the employee’s expense via a payroll deduction. Contact Human Resources (217) 892-6140 for details.

    TRS: Teachers Retirement System.  During the current contract the district pays 100% of TRS.

    Continuing Education:  The District encourages educators to continue their education and will reimburse tuition for approved certifications. Educators may take courses for additional credit if applicable to current teaching field(s) and/or to add a new area of certification for an area of study that is taught at RTHS. An annual limit for tuition will be $4,000 with a lifetime maximum of $8,000 per person.


  • 5 Reasons to Work at RTHS

    1. We have amazing students!
    2. Staffulty opportunties to coach, sponsor, and participate in our school.
    3. RTHS is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining candidates of diversity.
    4. Salaries and benefits are regionally competitive.
    5. RTHS recieves grants and funding directly tied to teacher and student improvement.